Embroidery Services

In addition to our screen printing services we also offer state-of-the-art embroidery capable of producing up to 125,000 stitches while rendering your image in up to 12 colors. Our custom embroidery services are among the best in the industry.

Embroidery can be accomplished on any wearable product from tee shirts and hoodies to jackets and athletic apparel. Also, our custom department will embroider on hats, tote bags and most soft luggage. Embroidery begins with a high-resolution / 300 DPI /  version of your logo, message or artwork.

Along with the high-resolution art file(s) it is helpful to furnish us with a color overlay or color key so that we are able to match your colors as close as possible during the sampling process. 

Set up charges for embroidery involve any artwork charges necessary to render your image scan able and the cost of the digital program, both of which are one time charges.

Unlike screen printing, embroidery is quoted by the number of stitches not by the number of colors.