Digital T-Shirt Printing

Direct to Garment Printing (aka: DTG printing or Digital T-Shirt printing) is the latest method of printing on t-shirts, fleece and most types of fabric using dedicated ink jet technology. DTG printing utilizes highly specialized, water based inks that print directly into the fiber of whatever fabric is being printed. Our three state-of-the-art Brother GT782 printers are capable of printing to any color fabric by printing a white under-base when needed (similar to conventional screen-printing) before printing in a 4-color-process format. A white under-base is not required on white fabric as well as some lighter color fabrics.

DTG printing offers many advantages over screen-printing including live pre-production computer previews as well as the ability to print intricately detailed images either as a one off sample or in volume. This approach to printing offers our clients a very cost effective method of printing any quantity. It also carries a huge advantage over screen-printing as far as set up charges are concerned. There are no color separations, films or screens needed for DTG printing thus reducing pre-production charges to next to nothing. This represents a huge upfront cost savings to you.