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Corporate :: T Shirt Programs

Using t-shirts as part of an overall marketing or branding strategy is not new. Many well-known and storied brands have promoted their logos, products and messages on tees for decades. Today, marketing managers, brand managers and art directors continue to discover unique and highly targeted ways that t-shirts can have on their brand, product launch or events. People want to wear fun and original looking tees that get others to say …”wow!...where did you get that t-shirt?" This in turn starts a conversation about your brand or message which naturally sparks exposure and awareness, furthering your brands loyalty.

More than likely if you have managed t-shirt campaigns on behalf of your company, organization or non-profit you already know this. The challenge is finding the time to define the concept with your creative team, locate a highly qualified vendor, create pre-production samples and lastly, to manage the production and shipping logistics. All of this on top of your full time job!

When working with corporate clients, organizations and non-profits my goal is to be extremely mindful of your time. By teaming up with an expert I can save you much of the time it takes to sort through the many options for t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags etc. as well as the various printing techniques…from screen-printing to Direct to Garment printing (aka: DTG printing).

If you give me 15 minutes of your time to explain your needs and goals I can save you days’ worth of work. During our initial conversation I will gain an understanding of your project needs and your preferences for working together. I will follow your lead, listen closely to those needs, and will then define a process and a workflow that will be a perfect match for you and your project.

But it all starts with a call...so why wait?


T Shirt Lines

  •  Great Ideas
  •  Amazing designs
  •  Vision and talent

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Museums & Art

  •  Perfect Quality
  •  Attention to detail
  •  Higher standards

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  •  Reliable Services
  •  Amazing Quality
  •  OSHA Compliance

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