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One Campaign

To whom it may concern:

Since March of 2005 Coastal Printworks has provided ONE Campaign with screen-printed and embroidered products for several events and for our online store at

They have produced many orders, both small and large, and the quality of their work has always been outstanding. In addition to their high quality products, Jim Dorsey has consistently provided us with the excellent customer service. His follow up, attention to detail and overall manner of conducting business is conscientious, thorough, easygoing and professional.

I would highly recommend Jim Dorsey and Coastal Printworks as a source for high quality screen-printing and embroidery.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Ken Weber
Chief Operating Officer
The ONE Campaign



After meeting and interviewing multiple screen printing shops in the Southern California area, we discovered Coastal Printworks in North Hollywood. A lucky search on the internet and I was on the phone with Jim Dorsey who invited me to meet with him and to show him my start up project.Besides the large size of their facility, which can handle jobs as small as a few dozen to thousands of pieces, I noticed how immaculate their employees kept their work areas and presses. The floors were clean, their over 1000 inks were organized and there was no apparent mess of any kind. This was exactly what I was looking for in a print shop and definitely not what I was seeing in the other companies I had visited.
Attention to detail and an immaculately clean workspace has allowed Coastal to deliver jobs to us with what I can easily say has been 99.9% without errors or misprints. It’s quite impressive to know that I will place an order for 300 shirts and can be confident that not one will have any problems. This is critical to running a successful business with merchandise being shipped out to customers and merchants nationwide who are expecting a quality product.

I have had many shops over the few years of Evomo’s existence offer us bids for our work and they always ask who we are currently working with. When I reveal to them that I print with Coastal Printworks, many have actually told me that Coastal is probably the cleanest facility around and that they do top level work.

Coastal is still our go-to facility for high end, high quality screen printing. At Evomo, we are very particular about color accuracy, detail and image reproduction. Coastal provides all those to us including a very reliable job archiving system so that whenever we need to reprint a design all we need to do is place a call to Jim and the job is reprinted matching exactly how it was run the very first time. This is undoubtedly a unique benefit to working with Coastal.

Overall, I can honestly say that Jim Dorsey and the Coastal Printworks production team is one of the best facilities around and we are very lucky to be working with them.

Bryan Thombs / Founder / EVOMO


Pierce College

Hey Jim!

I just wanted to let you know how much everyone likes the new Pierce College embroidered logo hats. The president of the college gave out about 300 of them at our Holiday brunch and now I see them all around campus! Everyone has commented on the superior quality.Thanks for your great service and the recommendation of that particular hat.
When I find great vendors like you for Pierce College, I hold on tight!

Thanks so much Jim.

Doreen Clay / Public Relations Specialist / Pierce College Marketing




Thanks for another great year of printing our Miele Fresca tees!

It is a pleasure to work with you and your great staff. We appreciate all of your hard work, advice and expertise.

Happy 2006!

Brook & Taylor
Owners / Founders



Dear Jim,

I am taking this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Coastal Printworks for all that you have done to contribute to the success of the Eames Office tee shirt program.Since we met in May of 1998 through a mutual associate at the New York Museum of Modern Art, you have been an important and integral part in the development of our highly successful tee shirt line. Your commitment to the product development and pre production aspects of our start up effort made us feel very comfortable from the beginning. It is not every day that you find people in the business world who actually do what they say they will do. You and your staff have proven that to be the case at Coastal Printworks.
As you know Jim, the tee shirt collection has been traveling to several museums worldwide in connection with an exhibit titled “ THE WORK OF CHARLES and RAY EAMES: A LEGACY OF INVENTION” In addition, the shirts are on our web site as well as in our catalog and are now being sold in our new Eames Gallery in Santa Monica. We have also developed a relationship with a Japanese supplier which has taken on a life of it’s own. Needless to say Jim, none of this would have been possible without the efforts of you and your staff.

As we move into the future we will be developing concepts for new tee shirts and, as always, we will look forward to your valuable input. Once again Jim, from everyone here at Eames Office we thank you and congratulate you all for a job well done.


Eames Demetrios



Hi Jim,

We have worked with Jim Dorsey from Coastal Printworks for our last few production runs in the United States and have been extremely happy with the results. Jim and his talented team have executed our jobs beautifully under very tight timeframes with the utmost care and professionalism. His communication is always clear and thorough and it is obvious that they have a lot of experience in what they do. We look forward to growing our relationship with Jim and Coastal Printworks, not only as a printer, but as a logistics partner supporting our clients’ needs as touring musicians.

Thanks again Jim,

Jonathan Achtman

The Cardboard Box Project / Montreal, Canada



Tylie Malibu, Inc. has been working with Jim Dorsey and Coastal Printworks since June of 2006. Jim and his team comprise a reliable workforce that can cater to any production requests. It has been a pleasure to partner with Coastal Printworks for all of our screen-printing needs. Not only have they demonstrated the utmost professionalism but they have always gotten the job done on time and at market competitive prices.Coastal Printworks is one of the best screen-printing companies I have encountered in my 10 years in the fashion industry and Jim has demonstrated time and again that he is organized, honest and has the experience to identify potential problems and avoid them.

Anyone would be thrilled to put their label on his work.


Lisa Izad / Designer/Founder / Tylie Malibu



Dear Jim,

Thank you again, and as always, for your help in making the Diane Arbus: Revelations here at LACMA a huge success. As you know, this is the first time an Arbus tee shirt has ever been made available to the public and everyone here is very pleased with the outcome and how well they are selling.Please enjoy the enclosed VIP tickets to the opening of the Diane Arbus: Revelations exhibit with our heartfelt thanks. Also, please thank your wonderful crew at Coastal for their involvement in this project.


Carol Norcross / Museum Store Coordinator / LACMA



Dear Jim,

You have always made it so easy to bring my business to you and Coastal Printworks because you consistently deliver as promised. Thanks for everything that you contribute to all of our projects. You guys are great over there!I look forward to working with you again on our next project.


Jamie M. Walker



Coastal Printworks and Jim Dorsey fell into my lap about 15 years ago. When I took over the stores at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Coastal Printworks produced a number of the T-shirts used in-store and wholesale. They were recognized leaders in the world of museum quality screen printers. The relationship between the Museum and Coastal was solid, profitable and pleasant.So, when I moved to Santa Anita Park in 1995, I brought the relationship with me. Life is much too short to re-invent the wheel! Though the venue was different from the world of museums, Coastal Printworks, through the work of Jim Dorsey, dove in and thrived.
Each souvenir T sold at Santa Anita must be exclusive to Santa Anita. Coastal Printworks worked with me to incorporate logos and verbiage into designs, rather than a straight name drop. Together, we have worked with graphic artists to refine art such that the print is enhanced.

A portion of the relationship has been educational. I impart information to Jim regarding the needs of my market and Jim provides me with information on how his market can meet those needs. He has also provided direction for color, fabric, style and, most recently, print methodology that has positively impacted my business. Coastal Printworks invested in a Japanese manufactured ink-jet system which has really grown our business! The range and quality of color goes far beyond 4 color process and standard screen print.

In a world revolving around “what have you done for me lately”, Coastal Printworks offers exceptional service. Jim Dorsey regularly communicates on both a business and personal level. Coastal Printworks really works at keeping Santa Anita “The Great Race Place” that it is and it is such a pleasure to have a long term relationship with a company that makes me look so very good!