Our Philosophy

Be the best not the biggest

Mission Statement: To be the premier tee shirt and garment screen printer and embroiderer in the United States, bringing innovation, exceptional service, and value to the marketplace.

Our values are: to be fair, flexible, and customer driven. Every Coastal Printworks employee shares our commitment to Quality, Consistency, Reliability and Excellence. In the accomplishment of our tasks, the employees of Coastal Printworks are expected to show respect toward each other and to maintain a commitment to make Coastal Printworks the best company it can be.

Employees must continually set high standards for themselves and have the right to expect the same from co-workers and management. Management in turn will provide a challenging, dynamic and demanding yet friendly environment in which we can all thrive. We are proud to say that many of our employees have been with us from the very beginning 25 years ago. We have formed a highly experienced and competent team of experts all working to make your next project a qualified success.

We believe that happy and committed employees are the key to helping us fulfill the promise of quality and service that we make to our clients and to ourselves every day.